Being a huge football & gaming fan I’ve always had an interest in the FIFA gaming series, and along with my passion for all things data & Power BI it was inevitable that I would some day combine in all into something useful (or not!)

This is a report / tool that I’m continuously working on. It feeds off the actual game data, which is updated weekly.  I use a Python script to scrape the data and load into Power BI which then works in magic.  Not only is this an informative tool for those of you that play FIFA, it’s a great showcase of the some cool features and visuals that Power BI has to offer.


  • Player Analysis by team (Player Profile Page)
  • Player Comparison including advanced search (Player Comparison Page)

Techniques & Features used

  • Bookmarking
  • Custom Tooltips 
  • Custom Buttons
  • Python for web data scraping
  • 3rd Party Visuals (SmartFilter, TextFilter, SimpleImage, WordCloud, Radar Chart, SynopticPanel,ChicletSlicer)
  • Custom Vector (svg) design

Radar Chart

Render Custom Vector Drawing using Synoptic Panel










View the report in the Power BI Community here